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Applied botany

My academic and professional choices reflect the will to promote a model of an interdisciplinary and pedagogic scientific practice based on the exchange and sharing of knowledge between the scientific community and society in general.

In this moment my study area is the interrelation between Men and Landscape in a diachronic perspective. Therefore, I study the Holocenic landscape evolution and the way the rural communities have lived, seen and managed the territory, using the perspectives of Palaeobotany, Archaeology, Ethnobotany and Ethnography.

In 2002 I finished my graduation in History – Archaeology in the Faculty of Arts, University of Lisbon. Afterwards I began intensive professional work in archaeology, combined with the collaboration and coordination of investigation projects. I stress the project “ALBA - The Pre-history of Alcobaça”, which included field surveys and some archaeological excavation campaigns, mainly in late pre-historic contexts.

In 2005 I began collaborating with the Faculty of Sciences of the Oporto University, where in 2007 I finished a Masters in Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation, with the thesis “Palaeoethnobotany of the Roman settlement of Terronha de Pinhovelo (NE Portugal)” [In Portuguese] made in collaboration with the Laboratory of Palaeoecology and Archaeobotany of the former Portuguese Institute of Archaeology (now IGESPAR). Since the beginning of 2008 I´ve been working on my PhD project, “Interaction between climatic variation, landscape evolution and human territory-use dynamics in the last three millennia: the NW Iberia”, in CIBIO, with the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.

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